3D Printing

When we receive a request for 3D printing, we know that we deal with the most valuable asset of the customer: your product.

3D Printing Services for Professional Use

What are your printing needs? Quickly usable parts? High precision printing? Reliable quality to the product of series? We can answer! Count on our experience, knowledge and our networking in advanced manufacturing.

Check out our solutions for printers and materials. We work with the best advanced manufacturing parks in Europe and according to your project and budget we will offer the best existing solution to make your product physical.

Types of 3D Printing and Materials

Plastic Jet Printing (PJP)ABS (Family) - Many collorsNo
Laser Melting Deposition (LMD)NoPure Copper, Aluminium, Titanium, Tool steel, Chrome-Cobalt Alloy, Inox Steel
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)Nylon PA (Family), Peek, TPU PolyurethaneNo
Stereolithography (SLA)ThermoplasticsNo

We guarantee tolerances from 0,10mm to 0,50mm depending on the process and material desired. Dimensions of the pieces around 300 x 300 x 300mm.

How does our printing service work?

Prepare the 3D file and send here by email. We accept almost all file types.After choosing the type of print, dimensions, material, color your product will be printed with the best technology available worldwide.Your product will be delivered according to your urgency. We work with our own logistics and guarantee a fast delivery , in addition to exceptional quality.

Contact us and send your file.