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Solvi Virtual Reality Welding Simulator is a product that has been developed with attendance to training centers. It has also been developed for schools and industry clients. This development brought several unique characteristics to this simulator.

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SolVi 3.0
SolVi 4.0
SolVi - Soldagem e Visualização
Weld evaluationPorosity, Macrography and HAZPorosity and Discontinuities, Macrography and HAZ, Weld Geometry
Welder ability EvaluationDistance (Gap), working angles, speed and arc waving
Welding Process SpecificationWPS documentation customized por each client
Welding Mathematical ModelsSIM, for all SolVi line
Welding ConsumablesWelding Gas Flow Rate, Gas Type, Consumable types and dimensions
Equipment Set Up ParametersTension and CurrentReal parameters according to virtualized equipment
Welding Positions1 to 4G and 1 to 3FAll positions
Welding ProcessesSMAW, GMAW, GTAW (TIG)*SMAW, GMAW, GTAW (TIG), SAW (Submers Arc) and Special Welding Processes*
Welding Operation Set UpEquipment set up on simulated interfaceVirtualized equipment with all the functions of real machines
Torches, Electrode Holder, Clamps and other welding acessoriesReal equipment (SolVi does not use accessory replicas to perform welding operations)
Virtual Reality TechnologyVirtual Reality 2.5D
3D Virtual Reality
Immersion with Mask
HardwareComputer and TouchScreen
Computer, VR Glasses and Sensors
Portable VersionYES, for all versions
*Check for availability of custom systems

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