Virtual Reality Industry 4.0

Virtual Reality Industry 4.0 – A new reality that has already arrived

Welcome to Industry 4.0, where new solutions offer more efficient opportunities to revolutionize the way we work. A virtual reality industry is starting.

The combination of virtual reality technology with the advancements of Industry 4.0 will reshape the industrial environment. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are not just entertainment. Several industries are already using VR and AR in a wide range of applications.

Challenges in Industry 4.0

4.0 industry mixes past industrial revolutions with the latest technologies of today. It will drive manufacturing efficiency by collecting data and using that data to produce insights that will positively influence operational decisions. Process simulators will test and ensure the quality of these decisions. Manual decision processes are being re-imagined thanks to these new friendly techniques.

Billions of machines, systems and sensors around the world will communicate with each other and share information. This makes critical the analysis of the sheer amount of data that industries will collect from their manufacturing processes.

This is where VR and RA enter. Users will be able to control all elements of their 3D factories with remote collaborative support. This allows the interactive visualization of industrial facilities to obtain information and provide solutions to problems without interrupting production.

Building Virtual Knowledge – VRmat

Building Virtual Knowledge is our way of letting your company take on these challenges. We are in contact with the best companies and technical centers worldwide to develop the best local solution. Our solutions always have great local content. Get to know some of our solutions for the industry 4.0

  • Expert Process Simulators

Simuladores - Simulador de Pintura PiVi

  • Virtual Reality Browsers for CAD Projects

  • Support for Augmented Reality Operation and Maintenance

  • Advanced Manufacturing Services (3D Printing)

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