Virtual Reality Process Training

Virtual reality process training can become much more efficient and effective than traditional classes. This is a new era.

“Traditional operational training is gone.”, Look at what the study says.

VR simulations allow for a large retention of content after training. For example, those who have experienced the torture of safety training with exercises and videos know that this traditional method for educating employees about work risks is less effective. But what if you could get into different scenarios and environments that demonstrate the risks and allow you to experience them safely? It seems to me that the engagement of the trainee would increase and, along with it, the success of bringing knowledge with him.

Virtual Reality Process Training Era

Virtual Reality Process Training are also capable to hone the skills of the collaborator. This is already well proven by the aeronautical industry simulators …
This is a big difference from traditional trainings with no interaction. The VR trainings have great interaction with the student. This interaction begins with immersion in a virtual environment created for training. It is an unforgettable experience for the student, as it is also a serious game. He will remember the simulated location and the classes he ran on the spot. The simulators will still be for a good time a gimmick of students to train a certain technique.

The same simulators that serve training, can also be used for selection. Companies could select employees for specific tasks in VR Simulators. For example, a company that qualifies its employees from the welding area with a welding simulator can use the same simulator in the selection of new collaborators and compare the candidate’s ability with all existing welders in the company who have already passed the simulator.

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