VR Marketing – A Powerful Tool

VR Marketing solves the problem that marketing professionals have with the engagement and awareness of the characteristics of the VR itself:

Immersion – users wearing headsets are completely immersed in content, meaning fewer distractions and more attention in the message.
Shocking – the intensity of a VR experience is greater than traditional media. Virtual Reality generates strong emotions, which are linked to real behavior changes.
Memorable – our brains are built to remember events linked to locations. Thus, RV experiences last longer in the public’s memory.
Technological Charm – With the media and the public interest in VR, you can benefit from exposure to this media.

“Good content for a memorable and impactful immersion,” is what we deliver.

It’s easy to create content for VR, but creating good content, which does a specific job, takes a lot more investment and time. So, talk with us if you need engagement.

Our VR Marketing

We develop projects in the following areas:

  • Product demo for trade shows and events
  • Product Launch, with prototype testing and validation
  • First Person Experience with First-Person Experience Assessment
  • Customer Experience, for products through practical demos with application
“You need to understand how VR can really complement your brand, your product or service. It needs to be more than just a trick.”

Contact us to present a tailor-made solution.