VR Painting Simulator – PiVi

Simuladores - Simulador de Pintura PiViPiVi VR Painting Simulator allows the simulation of the painting process of three-dimensional real parts. The simulator is able to evaluate the effect of the shadow of geometric details and to indicate to the operator the most suitable strategy for painting.

The PiVi simulator works with the following paint parameters such as viscosity, pressure and gun. This parameters can be regulated and their effect analyzed on the quality of the paint. Therefore different paint quality metrics are established in PiVi, among them: Layer thickness, Orange Peel Effect, Drain, and others.

Simulador de Pintura - PiVi

With the visualization tools you can check at the painted part the most affected regions.

The PiVi System offers different reports, for example, the trajectory, speed and the angles of the spray gun in relation to the coating obtained in the painting.

In addition, it is possible to determine a cut in a given region and to evaluate the thickness of the ink layer.

Simulador Pivi Perfil Camada

PiVi VR Painting Simulator – Painting Options

In addition to the basic training system, the accessories allow the simulation of different painting conditions and different defects from incorrect adjustment. So, you can choose the accessories according to desired simulation:

  • Pressure Tank Pistol for Virtual Paint (Hose + Connections)
  • Pistol Control Module (Pressure, Nozzle and Ink Dilution)
    Simulates paint regulation for different dilutions, nozzles and pressures
  • Wet Film Thickness Control Module with Dry Layer Thickness
    Simulates the paint with excess layer. (Adjustment, dilution and positioning of the gun)
  • Module for simulation of defects: draining and orange peel
  • Module for painting with solvent-free paint (airless)

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